Hi There! 👋

Who is Kassio Borges?

Such a philosophical question, but I’ll keep it simple.

My name is Kassio Borges, and I’m a Software Engineer at Gitlab who likes coding, communication, leadership podcasts.

Some extra information

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About me

Software developer since 2008, worked with some different technologies over the years. Main focus over the years was Ruby, Rails and the related tech stack. But also worked with Elixir and Go.

Ruby on Rails contributor since 2013.

I like coding, music, movies, traveling and experiencing different food.

My work style

My communication style

I’m an extrovert and social being. I like to do social calls, coffee chats, pair programming, etc. But I think it’s really important to send the right message through the right channels and to the right audience. Therefore, for my work I prefer async and public channels to enable collaboration through transparency.

My working tools 🛠